Gwen Maxwell-Williams - Fiber Artist

Fiber Art is one way that I express my "inner consciousness". For me, it is this creative process that tells me much about myself. Initially, my work may be developed from sketches, paintngs and collages from my sketchbook. My work - colorful, joyful and vibrant is replete with pattern and texture. Strong patterns and the use of color, color, color combines to give energy, movement and meaning to my work.

Have you always wanted to learn to quilt. Need a refresher course. Wanting to change your style of working - contact me, we can make it work.

Look for my Mother and Daughter/Son or Dad and Daughter/Son workshops now being offered. A perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your child while learning the "art" of quilting.

It's fun to have me come into your school classroom for "FiberArt" activities with the students - we can do school projects, auction quilts as some of the activities.

an african paint

For additional information regarding my work or classes/workshops that are available, contact me -

Newer Work

A collection of work completed within the last 12 months. They can provide some insight into the direction that my work is headed; or maybe not!


4" X 6" matted and framed fiberart pieces. Some are available unframed and can be sent through the mail to your favorite person - a real treat.

Afro-Centric work

The use of African fabric, both original and reproduction is a recurring theme in a lot of m work. You can also check our partner on :

About me

As a Fiber Artist, I have been working with textiles and mixed media for over ten years. My background in the arts and interior design comes forward, hopefully, in my vibrant and energized pieces. I lecture and teach quilting in many venues, including working with children in public and private schools. I have received numerous awards for my work. My work has been purchased by the Seattle Arts Commission, and can be found in many private collections. I am the Founder of the Pacific NW African American Quilters.


Circles within circles, elongated circles, split circles, lopsided circles. This workshop says “play in the round” to create an original Fiberart piece. Basic techniques for creating a variety of “circles” will be explored, and then the creative process begins. This is a process class – where the techniques will be taught to jumpstart you toward the creation of your own unique project.

Time: 4 hours


(Note: If you don’t want to work with ethnic fabrics and just want to explore color in a different way – this class is still for you.)

Time: (2) 3 or 4 hour sessions – sessions can be back to back, but it works best to have several days between the sessions to allow for blocks to be completed. This could also be expanded for a 2 – 3 day workshop.


Take the risk. Be creative and spontaneous in your design. No pattern necessary. Toss that ruler aside. You become the designer of your “special” blocks. Modified string construction and simple “Quilt As You Go” techniques will be used to create your funky curved, square or rectangular blocks. Create both symmetrical and asymmetrical curved log cabin blocks to use as focal points within your top.

Time: 4 hours


Have fun creating a mixed media collage utilizing some of your fiber items. Bring your fabrics, buttons, ribbons, and photos and create a piece that is uniquely yours. Great time to create a gift for that special someone, or make a piece to decorate your walls. Various techniques will be explored as you develop your unique “art” piece.

Time: 3 or 4 hour session. This can be expanded into a 1 -2 workshop format.


The familiar four patch jumpstarts this simple block pattern. By adding a few twists and turns; you are able to create unique alternatives and then the fun begins. Ethnic, children’s, and traditional fabrics all work well. Don’t forget your batiks!

Time: (2) 3 hour sessions


Too many scraps in your bag - small pieces, odd shapes, strips and other unique pieces; all too wonderful to just throw away. But the question remains, what can I do with them? Then this is the workshop for you! Designed to jump-start you along your journey toward the incorporation of improvisational piecing into your quiltmaking; you will learn simple and fast techniques for creating unique fiber art pieces.

Time: 3 or 4 hour session